Frequently Asked Questions

Timecraft Exchange does not sell directly. Rather, we offer a concierge-style service that will help you locate the timepiece you wish to purchase, and manages the transaction for you. Membership is required.

Currently, membership in Timecraft Exchange is free.

The Virtual Vault is part of your Timecraft Exchange membership account. It is a secure location for you to list all of the luxury timepieces you own, as well as any that you wish to acquire. Only you and your Timecraft Exchange Concierge may view the contents of your Virtual Vault.

Members need only list all of the timepieces they own in their Virtual Vault. A Timecraft Exchange Concierge will constantly cross-reference your inventory with the wants of other members to see if a match can be made. If so, the Concierge will initiate the transaction.

Members are under no obligation to sell any timepiece listed in their Virtual Vault. Transactions will only go forward if both buyer and seller agree to transact, and will not go through unless both the buyer and seller are satisfied with the price and the condition of the watch being sold.

Each transaction is different. Because Timecraft Exchange manages each transaction, we must inspect all timepieces to verify that their condition is as stated, and that payment has been made in full. Transactions take a little longer due to these important security and quality assurance measures.