A Prime Marketplace for Premium Timepieces

Those of us who share the passion for exquisite premium timepieces know very well how limited the options are for buying and selling online.

Mass-market platforms like eBay™ may have a large marketplace, but they are not specialized enough to cater to the unique demands of the premium timepiece market. Buyers and sellers alike must be ever-wary of fraud, as well as misidentification, and the mishandling of these luxury timepieces.

Timecraft Exchange works around these common pitfalls by offering a unique concierge-style service that allows users to conduct business online in a manner that is completely safe and thoroughly secure.

How Timecraft Exchange Works

When you join Timecraft Exchange, you are asked to submit your information for verification. Your account is then personally verified by a Timecraft Exchange Concierge, who will contact you by telephone.

Once verified, members are encouraged to create a “Virtual Vault” that includes photos and information about any timepieces the member currently owns. Contents will also include any timepieces the member may wish to acquire. At no time will anyone other than the member and the Timecraft Exchange Concierge ever know the contents of their Virtual Vault.

Timecraft Exchange can then match buyers and sellers confidentially. If a member owns a timepiece that another member is interested in acquiring, the Timecraft Exchange Concierge will contact the owner directly, to see if they are interested in selling or trading it. An asking price will also be established.